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ETERNAL JOURNEYS is a fully integrated Destination Management Company (DMC), which has also been hailed as masters of bespoke, special interest and incentive holidays. A name, for many years now, in the tourism industry to be reckoned with complete trust, total transparency, also carrying along competitiveness and quality in its fold.

Our business spectrum covers many aspects of travel. Be it, leisure holidays for individuals or groups to a larger extent fulfilling the needs of business travel, with unique incentive ideas. Our core team comprises professionals having exuberating confidence, hands-on experience, expertise, commitment and inclination, to create successful journeys. Ever since our inception, we aspire to render the best travel options to our clients with exclusivity and an incredible experience. We put our success benchmarks on, applying clear thoughts in any query, while bringing-in lot of flexibility, pragmatic planning and a proactive approach. Prompt and detailed replies, personal care and attention, total value for money are few aspects by virtue of which, we have earned that trust and confidence, to remain closely associated for years with our clients and overseas partners. The company is headquartered in the National Capital Region of Delhi (India), with more than 100-networked offices all over Asia and several accreditations from the National and International trade and tourism bodies.


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Travel and tourism in India have seen a dramatic rise in the past ten years. ETERNAL JOURNEYS have exploded with an influx of visitors from all over the world who are enticed by the rich heritage, culture, and stunningly beautiful natural landscape of India. India tourism is awe-inspiring with its foggy hills, breathtaking beaches, historical monuments, tranquil backwaters, golden deserts, pilgrimage sites, a wealth of wildlife, and colorful fairs that captivate the hearts of all tourists. Furthermore, the variety of festivals, vibrant markets, lively lifestyles, and traditional Indian hospitality make your time as an Indian tourist genuinely memorable. Journey through the gorgeous Indian states and experience this fascinating country's vibrant colors and numerous heritage sites. This isn't the only thing, by partnering with us, exploring the most beautiful trails, beaches and mountains can be done outside India.

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Ravelers are always seeking inspiration to help guide their journeys. Each city offers many different stories. It's impossible to stay bored in India's largest urban areas' markets, temples, and vibrant streets. The most challenging part of traveling to India is figuring out precisely what to do on your trip. Incredibly traditional yet always surprising, India is one of those places on every traveler's bucket list sometimes. You might think of traveling to Agra to view the Taj Mahal in all its splendor or visiting the royal palaces scattered throughout Rajasthan. Many people are attracted by the breathtaking landscapes of Darjeeling and Rishikesh and the stunning beaches in Goa. The three major cities of India are New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, each with a distinctive personality. If you're planning an epic backpacking adventure or just a luxury holiday, plan your trip with this list of India's most popular ETERNAL JOURNEYS Cities.

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These memberships carry responsibilities and Eternal Journeys is pledged to meet those responsibilities with the highest standards in the hospitality industry. Our awards too are symbols of the distinction we have earned for bringing the world’s best standards of destination management to the Indian subcontinent & beyond.

But there is another category of rewards we hold closer to our hearts. The pleasure of having transported thousands of travellers from all over the world, into the magical world of the east. The satisfaction of helping them experience these magnificent and mysterious lands to the fullest. And the knowledge that the relationships we have built will carry us all into the future, together. For Eternal Journeys, that is the final destination.


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Although there are various sources to get ideas to plan your next trip, there aren't any that can be used as a basis for your decision. Most people simply need to get away from their routines and take a trip to a peaceful place where they can relax, enjoy nature, eat tasty food, and relax. Nothing is more relaxing than a quiet spot with a fantastic view and quiet. You can relax and connect with the natural world. It allows you to think about your past and begin a journey towards discovery. These spiritual destinations may appear to be noisy areas, but you'll be amazed to discover that our choices include a variety of places around the globe to have a quiet holiday.

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ETERNAL JOURNEYS will surely be among the most unforgettable experiences you'll ever have. Get the most spiritual experience by booking our tour packages. Years Of Experience, Variety Of Tour Packages, Best Deals, And Personalised Services.

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India is where the ancient, traditional, and modern meet. The merging of these three is visible in every corner of the nation. India has many places that draw travelers from across the world. We offer the following list of India tours designed by themes including Ayurveda, Yoga, Himalayas, or Pilgrimage. These themes can assist in planning your vacation and allow you to explore the beauty in India in the most effective way!

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